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There are several ways that you can help out with the cost of maintaining this site and keep the list participation free to anyone who wishes to join.

First of all, you can send me a voluntary payment. If a percentage of list members sent me $20 a year, then that would cover all the costs associated with this site.

Or, if you are more of an off and on reader, you could consider sending us $1 to $5 any time that you find the answer to a question, or get a tip that saves you time.

We offer online classes at our Shabti Academy of Dollmaking. These classes are a reasonably priced way to expand your skills without needing to travel.  Our classes concentrate on techniques, not projects.  We are always happy to get offers to teach from master artists.  And even master artists sometimes take our classes to learn more.

If you are looking for a place to host your web site, then consider using our host, Their prices are reasonable, and their service has been great. If you enter "dawnwich" on your order where they ask for a referral, then we will get a bonus for the referral.

Next, we have the obligatory cafepress list booty. This is cool for several reasons... First, they are good T-shirts. Second, everyone will know that you are on this list and you can find each other at shows or events. Third, people will ask you what your shirt means, and so you will have an opportunity to tell them about the list. And fourth, you will be donating a few bucks to the list maintenance.

Last and most important, you support the list with your time and your posts, by answering or asking questions, and by participating in this community. This is where the bottom line is for all of us working to bring this together.

Donation options: Currently, you can pay us through paypal or Amazon honor system if you would like to donate to the email list. You can use your credit card securely, and enter any amount that you like. If you feel uncomfortable sending money through the internet, then email me for my snail address and I will send it to you.

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